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കേരളം ഇന്ത്യ  Kerala, India
December 10 - 29, 2023
Indian Spring-Summer

India is a destination unlike any other and Kerala is arguably the most beautiful place in India.




Whether it’s India’s spirituality, lands of tigers and kings, Himalayan peaks, holy rivers, the chance to answer that ancient-future call to your spirit, or simply just looking for inspiration, join us and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Travel into the world of hidden natural wonders, glorious history, glamorous traditions, aromatic ayurvedic spas, and an unforgettable culinary experience . . . all while studying a Renaissance technique of painting from the West in an ancient land of the East. Under the personal guidance of Prof. Phil, Mantra Cora, and their assistant Ila Rose, this course of study will refine your skills while leaving time to further explore and experience the mysteries and beauty that is India. 


You do not have to be a skilled artist or painter to join the ranks of the many who have discovered their hidden talents. As Professor Phil says: " No experience is necessary, you have all that you need." And the more experienced artists will learn deeper methods that give results that are “life-changing”. ​ The teachers will guide each student in learning a sound and practical version of Mischtechnik based on the principles and procedures of the Flemish Old Masters of the Northern Renaissance. This, in concert with the simplicity of a Grisaille, (or Brunaille underpainting), will help to make all this easy to learn and manage. The tempera allowed them to paint exquisite detail, while the oil layers afforded exquisite blending and realism. In concert, the two media offer an unparalleled luminosity, as light travels through the resin-oil glazes and reflects off the highly opaque white tempera beneath. The technique involves many steps, nuance, and in-person transmission in order to correctly learn this method. 


Mantra will also offer ways to construct various grounds,  including decalcomania, allowing for a spontaneous approach in the beginning stages of the painting to create a 'visionary portrait', or another image that may arise. Lectures will ensure the understanding of the history and methods of the masters while learning about the many artists using Mischtechnik today. Mantra and Prof. Phil's style of teaching is highly individualized and tailored to fit each participant's individual direction and unique visual language. Ila Rose will help students understand and apply the basic steps in Mischtechnik and to move through any technical difficulties that may arise. Ila's talent, skill, and gentle approach to teaching are a great asset to OMNV and reinforce the knowledge and experience of our participants. All of this occurs in a safe and sacred space. The OMNV studio is always inspiring and magically provides a serendipitous and alchemical process through painting, individuation, and transformation as they awaken to new skills and vision.

$300 discount for the first Lucky 7 people that register and Pay-in-Full. See below.


* Optional Free 1-hour and 15-minute Yoga Class every morning at 6:00 a.m.

* Painting Instruction is at least 6 hours per day,   Mon - Fri, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.  – 5:30 p.m. 


* Open Studio with 24-hour access, seven days a week. 

​* 90 - 110+ hours of instruction in Methods and Materials, Under-painting, Indirect and direct Painting in Layers, and a version(s) of Mischtechnik as practiced by the Old Masters with innovations from Prof Phil & Mantra Cora. Historical context is also part of the lecture series along with a contemporary survey of Misch Masters.

​* Meet fellow Artists and Kindred Spirits in a creative environment, studying, sharing experiences and cultural activities together.


* Enjoy meals, conversation, and sharing visions together. Eat a meal together, or if you like, check out the amazing local cuisine.* Enhance your skills in observation and nurture an intuitive - higher vision.


* 3 Meals a day with options for Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Souther Indian or Aureyvedic Vengan dishes.

* Creative courage comes naturally in this sacred setting of beauty, culture, and hu
manity with the support of generous teachers.

* Respectful instruction is tailored to each individual's unique visual language. The teachers do not advocate one style over another, be it classical, visionary,  fantastic, abstract or otherwise;  but the students'  personal direction, originality, and visual language are always encouraged and supported.

* When not painting, enjoy adventures discovering nature, the surrounding beauty and wildlife which is abundant, visiting sacred temples and sites, or simply chill and rest while taking in a sunset. There are well over one hundred options to choose from
. Excursions are always an option for the 'group', especially on the weekends, and we can elect to have a 'guide' to lead the way and give a local history or insight on the experience. But there is also the freedom to make your own adventures independently, or with a fellow artist(s).

* Back in the studio, Prof Phil and Mantra are always on hand to personally ensure that a transmission of essential knowledge and the spirit of lineage comes through their unique individualized instruction.



Rexoni Joseph.jpg


"I was born and brought up in Thudanganadu, Kerala near to Villa #1. My graduate studies were in Chennai at the University of Madras. Afterward, I started working as Software Engineer in India, Oman, Vienna, Austria and now in Switzerland. There are two villas available for use and Chill Valley Villa #1 is usually our home, but since we have been residing in Switzerland, we have decided to start this Full Service Villa Project  with the  support of the Kerala Tourism Department. Chill Valley is pleased to serve you with an experienced and skilled Personal Manager, Professional Kerala Style Chef and Cleaning Staff. We also offer Ayurveda Massage, Vadakkan Kalari Training (Kerala Martial Art) and Yoga Classes through professionals. Excellent Hospitals and Doctors' services are available as per requirement. There will be guides to assist you for Outdoor Trips.  Chill Valley is held to a  standard established by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC).  We are happy to invite you to Kerala to have a memorable experience of the tropical Flora and Fauna, Culture, the People and Lifestyle, Kerala Spices, Fruits and Vegetables. Last but not least, an unforgettable place to Study, Practice and Paint ! "





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Includes Study, Room and board with 3 meals/day, Daily optional Yoga Class, 

Professional Chef offering Kerala cuisine, Personal Manager, Cleaning staff and 

Pick-up and Drop-off at Kochi International Airport

Does not include Airfare


$300 discount for the first Lucky 7 people that register and Pay-in-Full.  


LUCKY  7  Spaces   



                         Remaining >0

PAYMENT TABSFull tuition payment is required for the Lucky 7 Discount:

DOUBLE  Room /for 2 people  (Tuition/Room & Meals) $ 2,175  >

Price is Per-person. After the  "Lucky 7" discount, tuition will be $2,475

SINGLE Room /1 person  (Tuition/Room & Meals) $  2,525    >

After the "Lucky 7" discount, tuition will be $2,825

Payment Plan DEPOSIT:  $500 per person on Double Room  >

at  $2,475 per person> Pay Balance in up to 6 Installments

(by arrangement) with total due by November 30.


$500 Deposit for Single Room at $2,825. >

Pay Balance in up to 6 Installments (by arrangement) with total due by November 30.

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For detailed information on SEMINAR Policies and Procedures please use this link >: GO HERE

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