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Drinking Lightning: Art, Creativity, and Transformation
By Philip Rubinov Jacobson
Foreword by Ken Wilber
Preface by Ernst Fuchs


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Featuring the art of Philip Rubinov Jacobson and  24 + ARTISTS of the VISIONARY TRIBE:

Ernst Fuchs                         De Es Schwertberger

Robert Venosa                     Martina Hoffmann

Mati Klarwein                       Alex Grey

Ingo Swann                          Linda Gardner        

Brigid Marlin                         Michael Fuchs
Isaac Abrams                       A. Andrew Gonzalez  

Carlos Madrid                      Jim Harter        

Daniel Friedemann               Olga Spiegel       Carmela Tal Baron              

Wolfgang Manner

Hanna Kay                          

Wolfgang Widmoser 

Cynthia Re' Robbins   and more  . . .        






  • Hardcover 296 pages

  • Publisher: Shambhala Pub. (2000)

  • Marja Publications (2004)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1570627460

  • ISBN-13: 978-1570627460

  • Dimensions: 7" x 10"

  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

  • 41 Color Plates

  • 53 Black & White Reproductions

DRINKING LIGHTNING is an inspirational book presenting 'creativity' and art in all facets of life as an integral part of one's personal spiritual journey. It is a philosophical treatise that has evolved through 'living it'. In this book, the world wisdom traditions, the eclectic nature of contemporary spiritual movements and art history itself are revealed within the oneness of Art and Spirit. I reflect on my own artwork and the work of others; from sources of inspiration stemming from entheogenic experiences to studying with my mentor, Ernst Fuchs to working as an ashram artist and life in India. This book explores the nature of artistic temperament, a transpersonal psychology and examines  questions on sources of inspiration, art and healing, the sociological and historical roles of the creative worker, the artist as shaman and how we in the postmodern age can connect (or reconnect) to an artistic process as integrated in one's spiritual practice. The text is accompanied by over 40 full color plates and 50 b/w reproductions from about 25 artists with perspective  on their process as well. It is my fervent hope that DRINKING LIGHTNING lights the creative fire in you and that you thoroughly enjoy it and become more of what you already are!

~ Prof Phil



Promethean Flames - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire
By Philip Rubinov Jacobson
Foreword by Prof. Michael Schwartz  &  Prologue by Robyn Sean Peterson

Featuring 16 color reproductions of

of the author's paintings


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Paperback: 272 page, 16 full color plates by the artist/author, Package

Dimensions:  8.1 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches

Published by Betty & Books, Bologna, Italy * Language: English

ISBN-10: 8890237295, ISBN-13: 978-8890237294

On Drinking Lightning & Promethean Flames

Its definitions are legion, its meanings multiple, its importance often debated. But amid the many contradictory definitions of art, one has always stood the test of time, from the Upanishads in the East to Michelangelo in the West: art is the perception and depiction of the Sublime, the Transcendent, the Beautiful, the Spiritual. Art is a window to God, an opening to the Goddess, a portal through which you and I, with the help of the artist, may discover depths and heights of our soul undreamt of by the vulgar world. Art is the eye of Spirit, through which the Sublime can reach down to us, and we up to It, and be transfigured and transformed in the process. Art, at its best, is the representation of your very own soul, a reminder of who and what you truly are, and therefore can become.


Philip Rubinov-Jacobson is a true artist, one in whom the Sublime is at work. But, as Phil explains in this book, the spiritual impulse—the artistic impulse—is at work in every act of creativity. Art can be a way to awaken that creative and spiritual process, and hone it to a fine degree. That is what Phil has done in his own life, and what he shows the reader how to do in the following pages. This is a wonderful book, ripe with the wisdom of an artist in whom the creative fire is alive, touched by the Gods and Goddesses of a realm that the conventional mind too often fails to see, enraptured by the vision of a beauty too painful to pronounce. Art, as the eye of Spirit, is the royal road to your own soul, and this book is nothing less than a road map for that extraordinary adventure.


~ Ken Wilber


Ken Wilber

See more about Philip and Ken Wilber  on 'Integral Life' at:

 'Drinking Lightning - Art, Creativity & Transformation''
Preface by Ernst Fuchs


Mischtechnik painting by Prof. Ernst Fuchs


Ernst Fuchs,  (1930 - 2015), Vienna, Austria

"Phil and I met years ago, just at the beginning of his path - at the entrance to the Reality of the Imagination .  . . His talents have unfolded the message he has been chosen to give to his students first, and to all those who have set out on an esoteric interpretation of the universe."

ERNST FUCHS. Artist and Founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism


"Phil Jacobson is an artist and mystic of rare intelligence  . . . ever reminding us that creativity and spirituality are One."

ALEX GREY, Artist and Author

" Phil is a courageous artist, part of a unique breed, who, with his visionary and inspirational books, crushes mediocre expectations and the flaccid longings of an art audience driven to anemic values by the tasteless art market machine. He dares/forces the onlooker to explore the depths of their subconscious and the heights of their superconsciousness.

His paintings and writings provide the opportunity for each and every one of us to transcend the mundane and re- invigorate our soul."

ROBERT VENOSA, Visionary Artist


Bob Venosa (1936 - 2011)

"Promethean Flames, the second in Philip Rubinov Jacobson's trilogy of books on art and spirituality, is a groundbreaking theoretical and impassioned reflection on the highest calling of the visual arts. Jacobson, a practicing painter and spiritual adept, picks up and develops the best of post-Romantic views on the spiritual in art while laying to the side all the non-sense that circulates today as commonsensical truth about art and artists. This is not only a wise and compassionate book, it is singular."



Professor of Art History & Humanities,

Augusta University

Art and Aesthetics Editor, Integral Life Associate Editor,

Comparative and Continental Philosophy (journal )

Founikounta, Greece. October, 2018




Dearest Prof Phil,

… meeting you has been one of the greatest gifts in  my life! You are more than an art master . . . You are a wonderful human being, a funny friend, a caring brother and a very interesting philosopher ;)

While reading "Drinking Lightning"  I feel very identified with you . . . I really appreciate every lesson, or word of wisdom that you share with me, same way as you did with Fuchs !

The bond between master and apprentice is SACRED to me. So, honestly, Thank you for this second seminar, where you have gathered some of the most special hearts around the warm light of your promethean flame . . . and for many more !  I will "make my monsters smell their own fear!"

Always in my heart.

I love you man! 

Jose S. <3  

aka Psynunnaki Solá  



Psynunnaki Solá,  >>>

2018, OMNV,

Painting Seminars:

Greece 2018
& Ibiza, 2017

Psychokinesis" by Psynunnaki Solá
     Caseína, Acrílico y Óleo sobre lienzo. 2019.


    Casein, acrylic and oil on canvas. 2019.


"Philip is a great Artist, Writer and a man of Action. He has dedicated a massive amount of energy into a movement that is very close to my heart. The global Fantastic & Visionary Art movement would be more than a man short without Philip's energy."


JON BEINART, Artist, Director and Editor of beinArt Publishing and the Beinart Gallery.



Spheres of Awareness: A Wilberian Integral Approach to Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Art  

Edited by James Lough and 
Patricia Herron

Includes a Chapter : ''An  Eye on  Integral Art'' by Philip Rubnov Jacobson



A Feast. A beautiful woven mosaic slowly emerges from the words imprinted in this book. Within this magic of written words the reader becomes faithful with Jacobson's life experiences, profound in depth knowledge and insights. As the words play in and out with these forms of life, pain, suffering, joy and ecstasy are also encountered. These qualities are celebrated in juxtaposition with the author's wit, playfulness and serious nesting of the book.

The book is absorbing in its rich details, complications, puzzles, and insights that allows one's inner flow of life to connect with the author in an authentic dialogue.

Great ideas and insights are revealed in what seems like a beautiful and easy manner, as there is an overflow or spontaneity that is exceptional. Jacobson, as a talented writer and creative, spiritual artist, in sharing his mosaic of words with others is rare indeed. It was his desire to unite these gifts in a book that is truly transformational. Certain aspects or attributes of the author's are evident in his description of Van Gogh. Extreme giving is also present in Van Gogh's emphasis on love and how it is connected to creativity. He had a passion for Universal love. He could find expression, for this intense love only in his painting, "Life at all Costs," rings out clearly. Although Philip has his own unique path, he also connects with the thought of "Life at all Costs." His relationships allow him to express this love, but he also must use the medium of writing and creative, spiritual art in order to give freely and passionately to others.

It is a Feast, a real Feast, that fills the spirit with soul food and reflects the wonderful movie "Babette's Feast." Babette gave both food to the soul and to the physical body and was, therefore, also a real soul giving artist like Van Gogh and Jacobson.


~ Professor Patricia Herron
Patricia is an artist and writer who also teaches Philosophy and Religious Studies

at Chemeketa C College, Salem, Oregon

Your book and your work are a constant source of inspiration to me, in fact Drinking Lighting has been my 'bible' since it came out.


Your artwork is AWESOME and a 'beacon' , unattainable for me, however your philosophy is deeply etched into my soul.


Thank you for giving this to the world and being generous enough to make personal contact with those who find you inspiring!  Looking forward to your new book.


~ Blaze Warrender, Artist, USA

In the Company of Bears

- Blaze Warrender

The healing power of art

The Judgement of Paris, 2014
Tempera and oil on masonite board,
100 x 70 cm (39" x 28"), 

In the first half of the book the author reports from his life as an artist and spiritual searcher, in the second half he developes the way of art as the royal road to awareness:

In the process of painting it may happen, that one forgets the ego, dives deep into the creative flow: then it is not "me" who paints, but "it paints". There may be other ways to reach this state of mind but for the one who achieved control on the technique art may serve best, because it creates a picture: it materializes directly. The picture may contain more than the artist was conscious of during painting, and which may be seen by some viewers or by the artist himself later, thus providing insights and increasing consciousness for both of them.

Creation and perception of art is described convincingly as a powerful way of healing in the basic meaning of becoming whole.

For me, reading this book became a creative process by itself, where my own ideas continually emerged like sprouts from the words I read. This was possible since the book is not dogmatic at all, the text is open for the reader's own thoughts and imaginations. All what is told is based on personal experiences, ranging from ecstatic states of mind during a year in an Indian ashram to a life threatening health crisis. Wisdom from spiritual traditions and other philosophers is integrated after critical selection and proof and in an application oriented way.

Basically the book gives an introduction to (mainly Buddhist based) wisdom as perceived and adapted via art by a hard working Western white man with a strong will to get the maximum out of his life. That provides credibility and applicability of things he tells to the reader, even when they are beyond his/her personal level of experience. It is no escapist space-talk but it is centered "here and now" in the middle of all human struggle for light, between will and surrender, skeptical and naive openness, transpersonal mystic and everyday business. And all is connected with a good sense of humour.

It also should be mentioned that this book is beautiful: large size (7" x 10" or 18 x 26cm), 41 excellent quality color reproductions from contemporary visionary paintings and 53 b/w figures, some more paintings, some photos from the author.

I am sure that many readers, at least those who already got in touch with the healing potential of art will greatly profit from reading this book.


- Dr. Andreas Streun, Artist and Research Physicist

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