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Old Masters ~ New Visions


 Old and New Visionary Versions of Mischtechnik









Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Mantra Cora &  Guest Artist-Teachers

Bali 2014
Bali 2014

Mischtechnik Painting Seminars

Bali 2014
Bali 2014

Mischtechnik Painting Seminars

Austria 1997 Mischtechnik Painting
Austria 1997 Mischtechnik Painting

Mischtechnik Painting Seminars

Bali 2014
Bali 2014

Mischtechnik Painting Seminars

Mischtechnik Painting seminars

19th Anniversary ~ 2015

OLD MASTERS ~ NEW VISIONS was founded in 1997 by Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson when his mentor and old friend, Ernst Fuchs, requested that he establish an academy, gallery and forum to pass on the knowledge of the old masters and inspire what Prof Phil has called: 'The Visionary Tribe'.  Now, that dream will be realized as a major Center for the Arts becomes established in Brugg, Switzerland in 2015-2016.


Knowledge of traditional recipes and techniques are not being taught in the majority of art institutions today; with the current trend of almost total disregard for training in technique as well as for an understanding of the materials themselves.  He has been co-teaching with his partner, Mantra Cora, since 2012. They are dedicated to the preservation and desemination of MischTechnik and ancient and treasured artistic knowledge so that it is not irretrievably lost, while encouraging artistic practice to enhance awareness.  


Over the years many Visting Artists and Teachers have been invited to contribute alongside Prof Phil and Mantra in the seminars.This has included Prof Ernst Fuchs, Michael Fuchs, De Es Schwertberger, Roberto Venosa and Martina Hoffmann, Brigid Marlin, Daniel Friedemann, Peter Gric, Wolfgang Widmoser and assistants Amanda Sage, Matthias Staber, Cynthia Re' Robbins, Kim Evans, Veronica Shremeck and Kris Kuksi.  Over the last two decades students from every corner of Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, Egypt, Israel, the Caribbean and  Indonesia have attended the OMNV Painting seminars. These studio art workshops are geared for beginning, advanced and highly accomplished artists. But, no matter what level of accomplishment each artist is at, all bring something unique and extraordinary with them, adding something to our creative community, co-creating a world-centric view and the promise of global transformation. This reality echoes what  Prof Phil always says:


‘’No experience is necessary ~ you have all that you need. ''

Mischtechnik Painting Seminars





with Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson & Mantra Cora


"No experience is necessary. You have all that you need." - Prof. Phil

4-Week Retreats of

Pure Painting Pleasure

in Paradise

Following all the CDC's Recommendations



for a Healthy Retreat


Summer, 2021


JUNE 13 - JULY 9, 2021


"Virginia is for Artists"



Mantra working as an assistant to Ernst Fuchs, at the Pallfy Palace, Vienna, Austria, 2013

Summer, 2022


JUNE 13 - JULY 8, 2022


"A Return to Light ! "














Prof. Phil & Mantra take a lift to the top of the Alps, Austria, 2016

1978 metamorphosis
The Return 2017

Painting Retreats that uplift your spirit, inspire and unleash your vision.

"No experience is necessary" for the Beginner - and  the Advanced are guided individually toward Mastery of their own Visual Language.      



Prof. Phil puts the finishing touches on the mischtechnik painting: "Mantra in Blue", c. 2018



An ever-evolving and growing community of like-minded individuals who hail from around the globe in search of inspiration and knowledge attend these seminars;  a family of creative workers formed in artistic-spirit that equally value skill, intuition and the power of the imagination.  Our shorter workshops and the 4+ weeks extensive seminars alike, offer an artistic transmission of the Mischtechnik (German for  MIXED-TECHNIQUE) through a number of versions that will serve personal aims and can take you on a journey to express the beauty or raw reality of the world, or into the inner realms of numinous inspiration and consciousness.  A unique phenomenon at the OMNV seminars is that no two people that come ever paint even remotely like the teachers, or their fellow students because they  are encouraged to find and pursue, their own unique visual language. Their 'style' reflects their individuality, whatever that may be.  Studying with Prof. Phil and Mantra, many have come away from the experience with an unexplained "Quantum Leap" in their work. 

At Old Masters ~ New Visions,  Mantra and I believe that art inspires personal growth which can inspire global transformation. We believe everyone is endowed with a creative genius and power to create regardless of whatever level of skill,  belief system or perspective they may have.  For this reason, we offer painting retreats in sacred, beautiful and exotic places around the world. Most importantly, we recognize that getting away is hard earned vacation time for most and a time for deep study for others, so our seminars are designed and imbued with a balance of learning, practice, relaxation, excitement, exploration, centering and fun.  As artists and practitioners ourselves, we acknowledge the importance of a well-balanced offering, and each itinerary is carefully designed to offer a transmission of artistic knowledge; exploration of the area and culture; relaxation and integration, all under the teachers' approach and artistic guidance. 
OLD MASTERS - NEW VISIONS was founded by Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson in 1997 when his mentor and old friend, Ernst Fuchs (1930 - 2015), requested that he carry on his teachings internationally to pass on the knowledge of the old masters and inspire and propagate what Prof Phil calls: 'The Visionary Tribe'.  Since then, students from every corner of the world; the USA, the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia, Egypt, Israel, the Caribbean, South Africa, Indonesia and Russia have attended the OMNV Painting seminars. The workshops are designed for beginning, advanced and highly accomplished artists. Regardless, of what level of accomplishment, each person brings something unique and extraordinary with them, offering everyone a seed of knowledge and experience. Life-long friendships are forged, transformation and a growing  living - network of artists and art lovers stretches across time and the globe.  Prof Phil’s partner, Mantra Cora, has been co-teaching with him since 2012 and together they offer many versions of Mischtechnik, Methods and Materials of Painting, Tempera Grassa, Grisaille, Brunaille, and Contemporary and Experimental approaches to painting. Students are taught the Basic Fundamentals of the Mische Technique and move forward on a journey that is increasingly more tailored to their own pace of learning and mode of expression, be it Portraiture, Landscapes, Abstract, Intuitive or Mind-scapes from the spiritual Imagination. The teachers are known to even give returning students their own individual recipes for mediums, grounds, magical effects and innovative methods tailored to  the unique visual language. 
Of the hundreds of students who have studied under Prof. Phil over the last 23 years in the international seminars,  and privately in the 20 years before that; many names  have been added to a veritable roster of accomplished artists in their own right, highly esteemed and recognized in the contemporary art world. Madeline Von Foerster, Kris Kuksi, Kim Evans, Daniel Martin Diaz, Psynukki Sola', John Palmer, Benjamin Vierling, Nad Wolinska, Amanda Sage, Andrew Gonzalez, Reinhard Schmid, Cynthia Robbins just to mention a few.


 WHAT IS MISCHTECHNIK ?  The almost forgotten old master techniques of painting, like Mischtechnik, used by many of the Rennaissance masters, was actually never totally abandoned but handed down from master to student over centuries. It was always in use in an unbroken chain, even if obscure and rarely taught at any art school or university.  Aside from the great desemination of this knowledge by Pietro Anigonni and Prof Phil & Mantra's mentor, Ernst Fuchs and the Vienna School of Fantastic Realists, there have been a number of Masters of Mischtechnik over the last hundred years that even todays' Misch Painters are not aware of. This has included Barthel Giles, Otto Dix, Thomas Hart Benton, Paul Cadmus, Robert S. Smulyan, Franz Gertsch to name but a few.  In Mischtechnik, the method itself creates a sense of a living light; an inner luminosity that reaches out to the viewer and responders. Such attention to the creative practice results in paintings embodying a process of alchemical transformation,  in which the physical matter of painting itself, the ground pigment, the egg, the oil, emulsions, and hand made mediums are transmuted through the agency of our craft into an extraordinary vision. Click the LINK below to follow the basic steps in Mischtechnik as demonstrated by one of  Prof Phil's former outstanding students, the highly accomplished artist, Madeline von Foerster, 
To see ~  'An Overview of the Major Steps in a Traditional MISCHTECHNIK'  ~  CLICK HERE.