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Jul 22, 2023., Painting by Mantra Cora, Lecture by Rubinov Jacobson
Mischtechnik Steps OMNV, Painting Seminar with Philip R. Jacobson & Mantra Cora, Boulder, Colorado, 2023

For more info visit The creative workers who attend these seminars become an integral part of an ever-evolving community of like-minded individuals who hail from around the world in search of inspiration and knowledge. A family formed in artistic spirit that equally values skill, intuition, human feelings, and the power of the imagination. Whether you attend a 5-day workshop or commit to a 4-week painting retreat, a genuine transmission of artistic knowledge is offered. Be it the Mischtechnik (German for MIXED-TECHNIQUE of painting) or through versions that will serve personal artistic aims, it will be an experience that takes you on a journey to express truth, beauty, and goodness, or the raw ways of the world, or the sublime inner realms of numinous visions. A unique phenomenon of the OMNV seminars is that no two artists that come ever paint even remotely like the teachers, or their fellow students because they are encouraged to find and pursue their own unique visual language. Their 'style' reflects their individuality, whatever that may be. Studying with Prof. Phil and Mantra, many come away from the experience with an unexplained "Quantum Leap" in their work. Celebrating 25 years of teaching Mischtechnik and other Painting methods privately and in Retreats held in the USA, Austria, Germany - Bavaria, Italy, Bermuda, Greece, Bali, Ibiza-Spain, Russia, and India.

IBIZA Mischtechnik Seminar & Exhibition: TV NEWS

Oct 15, 2015

- with Prof PhiL, Mantra Cora & students in San Antoni, Ibiza.  

Published on Feb 6, 2015

OpenWebArt Project Curated by Izabela Jaroszewska, Ph.D * Incorporating Prof Phil's artwork and Others. 

Ernst Fuchs | Palais Pálffy | Vienna, Austria | July 14, 2012

Ernst Fuchs charming us with his majestic whistling during a meeting with Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Mantra Cora, Daniel Friedemann, Jody Florman, and Danny Litin at the Palais Pálffy in Vienna, Austria before our Old Masters - New Visions seminar in July of 2012.

Video by Danny Litin

Ernst Fuchs, Mantra Cora & Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson, painting together * Part 1

Aug 28, 2012


From June - end September, 2012, Mantra Cora served as an assistant to Prof Ernst Fuchs on many of his paintings at his studio in the Palais Palffy - Museum of Fantastic Art. From time to time, his old friend and student of 40 years, Prof Phil, would also come by to assist his mentor and the three of them would take their breaks together at the Cafe' adjoined to the palace. Living in the studio with De Es Schwertberger was also a stunning and inspiring time for us.

Mantra Cora works on the ANGEL OF DEATH part 2

September, 2012

From June -- to the end of September, 2012, Mantra Cora served as an assistant to Prof Ernst Fuchs on many of his paintings at his studio in the Palais Palffy - Museum of Fantastic Art. In this segment Mantra was instructed to work on the painting while Prof Fuchs takes a nap.

Published on Jun 3, 2012                                                   By Corey DeVos
Integral Life * Ken Wilber

Featuring many visionary/fantastic/integral artists like De Es, Mark Henson and Prof Phil

September, 2008

Martina Hoffmann & Roberto Venosa OPEN AN EXHIBITION for Prof Phil- PART 1 of 3

The Eckert-Tone Gallery, Boulder, Colorado invites Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson to exhibit his paintings and hold a book signing for his "PROMETHEAN FLAMES - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire" and his previous book "DRINKING LIGHTNING". The late-great Robert Venosa and his  artist-partner, Martina Hoffmann, generously open the event for Prof Phil. 

2008 Boulder Exhibition


The Eckert-Tone Gallery,  Central Speaker in Part 3: Prof. PHIL

2008 Boulder Colorado Exhibition * PART 2:


The late-great Robert Venosa and his gifted artist-partner, Martina Hoffmann, generously open the event for Prof Phil. September, 2008 

APRIL 19, 2008

Gabriel Barceló captures a moment from a meeting in Klagenfurt, Austria with Prof Ernst Fuchs & Prof Phil on whether or not HUMANITY has changed for the better, or worse, or not at all in the past 2,500 years

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Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson on Art - Healing - Inspiration

2008, Dallas, Texas

Everyone is inherently creative, and pursuing your spiritual imagination helps you to express the language of your soul. Using art as a medium of expression is a pleasure and a great source of joy and peace. Painting acts as a bridge that lets you travel from pain and hopelessness towards healing. Each work of art possesses a tone, message and range of emotions that help you unwind, connect and achieve a sense of calmness. In this episode of The Art of Living Gallery, show host Bob Reed meets visionary artist and writer Philip Rubinov Jacobson, who shares how his paintings helped him move through darkness and reach for the light.

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