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2021 USA Mischtechnik Painting Seminar 
June 11 - July 9. 2021 in STANARDSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA

THE WHITE LOTUS ECO RETREAT.  Views of the Grounds, the Zen Barn, View Pond house, the Castle with 6 rooms and the Farm View Cottage presented by  Ashton Hill,  Seminar Coordinator

THE WHITE LOTUS ECO RETREAT in STANARDSVILLE. VIRGINIA as an absolute paradise of beauty and wildlife and served as Ground Zero for the seminar and the Zen Barn Studio served as a month long studio space with access to all the common areas like the Kitchen, Fire Pit and fire wood, Movie and presentation Theater and the Lunar Sauna just down the hill. The Zen Barn also contained  rooms and suites, mostly on the second floor,  giving  immediate access to the studio space.  This was an exquisitely beautiful place to study and create fine works of art. There was about 15 of us painting together and studying the secrets of the old masters while each expressed their own unique vision.  There was also plenty of time for 'serious play' and trips to nearby locales like the many Wineries of the region, small towns, the city of  Charlottesville, and a sojourn to Washington, D.C. to take in the wonders housed at the National Gallery.  Evenings and weekends were filled with Fire Dancers, Painting, Singing and performances by students, lectures in our own Movie Theater, and floating on the rivers of Virginia - dreaming up our next paintings.

A Collection of Photos and Videos taken by the artist-students, visiting artists and friends who attended the 2021 Mischtechnik Painting Retreat

"Serious Play" - A brief Interview with Mantra Cora and Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson by visiting artists, Billy Morgan of  The Pigment Sanctuary.  July, 2021 at OMNV USA Summer Mischtechnik Painting Retreat at the White Lotus Eco Spa, Stanardsville, Virginia

The following Photo-images are by OMNV student, DYLAN LUNGSTEN of Minnesota

Work in Progress - Dylan Lungsten



Arlene Hermansen and her works in progress

Cristina Steo at the easel.

Mantra's color/value Examples

Co-teacher, Mantra Cora, at work

Prof. Phil

Ila Rose

Our personal Movie Theater



Harrison B. Langford at the easel

Ashton Hill at the easel

Prof. Phil giving a demo



Community table - studio

Upper floor of the Studio

Upper floor of the Studio

Prof Phil

Leslie Caneda

Ila's work


Prof Phil and Mantra

Sue Gunn of Colorado

Mantra at the easel

Prof Phil at the easel

Kate Davis Rogers at work

Work in Progress by Kate Davis Rogers

Ashton Hill's artwork. 'Kettle Head Art".

Juniper Manelias

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