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Aside from teaching, organizing international painting seminars and coordinating exhibitions, Mantra Cora and Prof Phil also exhibit together in two-person shows and are co-partners in passing on the knowledge of painting in international painting seminars. During the seminars, they impart a knowledge of Mische Technique (egg tempera and resin-oil painting) in a number of versions, or Tempera Grassa, and sometimes even merging Renaissance and 19th-century methods in drawing, painting and inspirational sessions on the creative process. All this encourages the importance of a profound artistic knowledge and skill in painting that is greatly emphasized in the studio, but not less than the role of the artist's psyche, spiritual imagination, inner life and process of invention. 'Psyche' and its handmaiden, 'Techne', working in harmony. They take an integral approach in their teaching. Students learn all aspects of their craft, from the maintenance of their equipment, to the different paints, mediums and tools, to an acute awareness of color, light, perspective, movement and depth, atmosphere and the relationship between all of these elements without abandoning the quality of 'human feeling' that has become elusive in the hands of many painters today.


The courses are taught in English with one-to-one contact as often as possible. The most in-depth knowledge of various techniques are offered. All this takes place in an atmosphere in which the teachers highly emphasize individualized instruction tailored to each participant's unique visual language and spirit.  It is not the one-size fits all formula that too many seminars and academies lean on. Mantra's and Prof Phil's  approach inspires a serendipitous process in painting that combines preparation and a natural, intuitive and spontaneous execution, enabling the artist to achieve imagery that can run the spectrum from a mystical precisionism to a vibrant abstract painting; from a classical realism to an expressive and raw emotional work. The painting is infused with an 'inner light', a mirror to the human spirit. Today this technique is considered to be a sacred knowledge by Classical, Fantastic and Visionary artists alike. All are welcome to join.



The Core Teachers


Philip Rubinov Jacobson & Mantra Cora


Mantra Cora

Mantra Cora was born in Gdansk, Poland, relocated to England in 2006 and then to the USA in 2016 with her husband, Prof Phil and their daughter, Liya. In 2013 Mantra completed her BA in the Visual Arts at The University of Salford in England.She is a Buddhist practitioner in the Vajrayana tradition of the Kagyu lineage. Her practice serves as one of the sources of inspiration for her art and her artist’s signature, ‘Mantra Cora’. She has closely studied techniques of painting with Prof Phil for over 5 years, both in seminars and privately. The artist also studied drawing and painting as an Erasmus Exchange Student at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Italy followed by a 4-month internship at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna, Austria. It was there that she daily assisted the internationally renowned artist, Ernst Fuchs, with his paintings. Along with her partner, Prof Phil, they both resided and worked alongside the artist, De Es Schwertberger during this magival time in Vienna. Mantra co-teaches painting with Prof Phil and offers a section on Creative & Innovative Grounds that inspire automatic-imagery and a serendipitous process in painting. Using abstract-grounds, she  combines preparation with natural and spontaneous execution, enabling her to move from realism to the abstract and integrating the two in one painting. She is currently researching and practicing a variety of both Direct Ala Prima and Indirect Layering techniques of painting in oil and particularly as applied to "portraiture". In 2019 she was commissioned to illustrate a childrens' book for which she completed more than 70 watercolors. Her art has been exhibited internationally , including the 2016 show, "A Legacy of Light",  that she co-curated and edited the catalog. This historical exhibition took place at Castle Gloggnitz  in Gloggnitz, Austria.

Selected Work by Past & Present OMNV


Visiting Guest Artists & Teachers

Guest teachers offer a variety of techniques, methods and expertise that is rarely found elsewhere. Visiting artists add to the creative fire by bringing a unique spark of inspiration to the community and through their dialogue and feedback with both students and the teachers. Over the years many artists have been invited to visit and some to teach alongside Prof Phil and Mantra.  This has included Prof Ernst Fuchs, Michael Fuchs, De Es Schwertberger, Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann, Viktor Safonkin, Brigid Marlin, Daniel Friedemann, Peter Gric, Wolfgang Widmoser, Otto Rapp and assistants to Prof Phil: Amanda Sage, Cynthia Re' Robbins, Matthias Staber, Kim Evans, Veronica Shremeck, Jody Florman and Kris Kuksi.  A sample of some of the Guest teachers' work can be viewed below. Among future guest and visiting artists will be: Benedetto Fellin, Amanda Sage, Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia, Jennifer Mc Euen and many others to come.


Mantra and Philip in Bali 2013