Paying homage to his roots in what he calls The Visionary Tribe, Philip's paintings express a journey that kindles a light in the darkness.


He is known for his versatile works that can range from childlike imagery to his dynamic, fantastic and visionary paintings. In addition, Prof Phil is known for his writing and teaching in which he shares a deep understanding of Mischtechnik and methods of the Old Masters to attain luminosity and harmony.


His work is in many private and prestigious collections. Contact the artist regarding available works for sale.

Available  Work

Self-portrait, c.2003, Van Soest Museum Collection

Mantra's Gravity

Mischtechnik/Oil and Egg Tempera on Canvas, 24 x 18 inches


Mischtechnik/Oil and Egg Tempera on

Canvas, 24 x 18 inches


Mantra Cora was born in Gdansk, Poland, relocated to England in 2006 and then to the USA in 2016 with her husband, Prof Phil and daughter, Liya. She is a Buddhist practitioner in the Vajrayana tradition of the Kagyu lineage. Her practice serves as one of the sources of inspiration for her art and her artist’s signature, ‘Mantra Cora’. Mantra has studied  painting with Prof Phil and at the Academia di Belle Arte di Macerata, Italy followed by a 4-month internship at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna, Austria assisting the internationally renowned artist, Ernst Fuchs. She holds a BA in the Visual Arts from The University of Salford, UK. Mantra has been co-teaching with Prof Phil since 2012. Contact the artist regarding available works for sale or to commission a portrait painting.

Mantra Cora




Oil on canvas, 8 x 10 in

 Platonic Self portrait

Oil on panel, 30  x 24 in, Private collection, Poland

Portrait of the Teaxcher

Oil on aluminum 36 x 24 in, Private Collection, USA

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12" x 16"          $86                     $109                         $129                          N/A                           N/A

16" x 20"        $109                     $144                         $154                          N/A                           N/A

20" x 24 "       $134                      $166                        $184                         $194                            N/A

24" x 36"        $179                      $209                        $239                         $269                           $299

30" x 40"       $216                      $244                         $269                         $299                           $319

36" x 48"       $254                       $284                        $314                          $344                            $374

48" x 72"       $329                        $384                       $429                          $469                           $519