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'Old Masters - New Visions' presents Philip Rubinov Jacobson & Mantra Cora

TWO WORKSHOPS BACK-TO-BACK  * Take one or both at a Hefty Discounted Price

Studio sessions will be held at the private Community Center on 'The Ranch' where the teachers reside. Directions provided upon Registration.



Workshop # 1

'The Power of Portrait Painting in Grisaille at the Speed of Light’

 5 Days - (May 20 – 24, 2019)


Workshop # 2 

"A Color Theory Workshop for applying Skin Tones and Color Glazing to Grisaille

- and -

for those who want to Improve their Understanding of Color / Non-Grisaille Painting’’ 

5 Days -  (May 27 – 31, 2019)


saydo be.jpg

Self-portrait  by Prof Phil

Grisaille  study by Mantra Cor

The teaching methods of Prof. Phil & Mantra combines preparation with a natural, intuitive execution, enabling each artist to develop their own unique visual language. Such a process can lead to expand creative courage, and wholehearted experiences of trusting yourself and your own internal guidance. Prof. Phil and Mantra do not believe in a "one-size fits all" approach and students never end up painting even remotely like one another, nor the teachers.


To see more of the teachers work ~ follow this LINK to the Teachers' Gallery.


About Workshop # 1:  5 Days

14 openings available

Take one or both Workshops at a hefty Discount. 


The Power of Portrait Painting in Grisaille at the Speed of Light’

Mon-Fri,  9:30 am - 12:30 pm and  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

(30 hours of Instruction. Both workshops: 60 hours of instruction)

Price: $ 725 ​

(Regular Rate for both workshops 1 & 2:  $ 1,250)


Grisaille painting (  a French word meaning 'gray’ and pronounced 'griz-EYE') is done when an artist uses a limited palette related to one color like gray or sepia to create a painting's first layer, called the underpainting, or even a finished work which produces a 3D effect.  These ash tone values can range from dark to light, transparent to opaque, flat to reflective, and sometimes from warm to cool.  The artist develops the image by building up shadows, highlights and details to produce a desired contrast. Grisaille results in a detailed image that looks like a carefully rendered marble statue lacking any color.  During the week, working alongside Prof Phil and Mantra, using a methodical, step-by-step process, the teachers will guide each student in learning a unique and  practical approach to Grisaille.  Using ink, graphite, casein, a particular selection of oil color, Liquin and Resin-oil based mediums, this approach will enable you to complete your work seemingly at the speed of light..  


As an option, to embellish and bring your portrait into the realm of the visionary, Mantra will also offer ways to construct various backgrounds with decalcomania in Black and White, and other means, allowing for a spontaneous and intuitive approach between realism and abstraction to create a strong portrait.  The work in grisaille may be created as an independent finished work, but it can also be employed as a preliminary underpainting for a piece that is subsequently overpainted with layers of color glaze. For this reason we have added a second section (Workshop 2) for those who wish to continue on in color after completing their Grisaille. Artwork can then be glazed with multiple complementary layers of transparent and opaque color for amazingly dimensional paintings


About Workshop # 2:  5 Days

"A Color Theory Workshop for applying Skin Tones and Color Glazing to Grisaille”  &

For those who want to Improve their Understanding of Color / Non-Grisaille Painting


Mon-Fri,  9:30 am - 12:30 pm and  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm,

(30 hours of Instruction. Both workshops: 60 hours of instruction)

Price: $ 725 ​

(Regular Rate for both workshops 1 & 2:  $ 1,250)

For students of Grisaille; now that we have established a firm foundation, we are ready to move on to  learning more about values, and why they are important. You will work on the grisaille painting completed in Workshop 1. You will learn the difference between value and intensity.  This underpainting was a way for the old masters to render gorgeous imagery with large tonal ranges. We will include a crash course on skin tones, and a tutorial in the art of glazing. The techniques of Grisaillellowed by Glazes  have a long history in painting methodologies from Leonardo to Ingres. These techniques have proven invaluable to artists in depicting the strengths and subtleties of illumination. In addition, the sound understanding of tonal values provides an essential foundation for color structure.


For Non-Grisaille painters we will work very individually on a painting or two that you bring in which you are at a bit of a loss as to what to do next with color, or to navigate the piece to the next stage, or even completion. With guidance from Prof Phil and Mantra you will  beautifully  breathe new life and spirit into a less-liked work. Using creative color action to  revive a painting back to life and making it relevant is a brilliant course of creative action and far better than allowing it to molder in a studio, basement or attic.  Beginning again with selected imagery and a foundation already in place is a great way to initiate new directions to follow.  Feel free to bring several pieces to work on !



Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis. Fee includes Seminar instruction, printed information, and community art materials. Fee Does Not Include Accommodations, Airfare, Airport Transportation, Meals and Other incidental expenses.

Payment can be made directly through clicking on the PayPal buttons ABOVE. If you prefer to pay by direct DEPOSIT at BANK OF AMERICA or do a BANK WIRE TRANSFER,  or use TRANSFER WISER contact us for more information at:, or  NOTE: You may be able to avoid, or reduce the Paypal Fee by making your payment as a ''GIFT'' to "FAMILY" making payment to  Any balance due on transfer fees or tuition shall be paid by cash on first day of class.

SELF-PORTRAIT, c. 2003     by  Prof Phil


This workshop is geared for the independent artist and traveler. Housing, travel, and transportation arrangements are solely the responsibility of the student.  We can help by providing leads.


THE TUITION PRICE for the 2 - Workshops  INCLUDES:

* Instruction for  5 days, per workshop  at a minimum of 30 hours per workshop from the two teachers.
* Classes are held MONDAY to FRIDAY, 9:30 am -12:30 pm and 2:00 pm  - 5:00 pm

* For the painting seminar, we will provide community materials like additives for drying oils, brush cleaners, sicatifs, turpentine, bowls and some        containers,  clean up materials,  paper towels. Students must provide their own oil colors, brushes, palettes, a travel or table easel, bottles, and jars.  A Materials List is distributed after registration


* All prices are per person.

* Prices are in US DOLLARS 

* For other currency conversions, current  international  live rate will be used at the time of payment. This will be  calculated automatically through PayPal credit card agencies, or For bank transfers, we will use the current rate listed at

* Payment may be made  through  PayPal. For  Full Payment, use the LINK FOR Paypal.  Fees will apply. Please be sure to add  any Paypal Fees to your payment as denoted on the Paypal site. Paypal fees may be avoided or reduced when you site that you are sending to "Family or Friends".


If you wish to do a Direct Bank Deposit or Bank Wire Transfer,   a TransferWise payment, or by Zelle  please contact Mantra Cora at:

* Payments are Non-refundable given the short term notice of the workshops and  very Low Maximum of Students.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the seminar.
* Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver on the participants' part regarding    injuries or illnesses sustained during the seminar.
* In the unlikely event of the seminar's cancellation, all payments will be refunded  100% of your  tuition.: SEE CANCELLATION & SUBSTITUTION POLICY below,


Cancellation, Refunds and SUBSTITUTION Policy:

Should a workshop be cancelled by us for any reason, payment will be refunded in full to all participants. Otherwise this workshop is non-refundable.

Substitution Policy:

If you are unable to attend a seminar, we invite you to provide a substitute. Refunds come  directly to the cancelling participant by selling their space in the seminar. If you send a substitute that we agree to and registers at the full rate (or at minimum, the tuition you paid), then that substitute may refund you in full.  If there is a balance still due to OMNV it must be covered by the student cancelling, or by the substitute, directly to OMNV. When there are only 12 or so spaces available in the seminar, there can be 'No exceptions'.   Should you secure a substitute please contact us by Email with their name, contact information and a letter of introduction, stating that this is the designated-person you are submitting. We must agree to your selection. The E-mail should be addressed to Prof Phil & Mantra Cora and cc' d to the substitute participant. Write us at:





We are not able to arrange people’s accommodations but we have listed suggestions and recommendations for sources on this webpage below. We encourage all registered participants to communicate with one another and perhaps share accommodations as well.  For this purpose we are sending everyone’s email address in a private message and will make a private community page on Facebook for our group TBA:


To secure your Accommodation - look at these websites for single and/or shared housing in or around Tucson, Arizona.

On Airbnb:


Private housing, motels and hotels:

Private housing:

Couch Surfing

After registration we will provide an address and  map of the location of the workshops.





Travel Insurance to cover tour and flight cancellation, baggage loss and any medical cost incurred, is the responsibility of each participant, and we encourage you to purchase it at the time of sending in the deposit. DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, or medical conditions that may arise during the seminar dates, nor can we reimburse people that cancel their commitment to taking the seminar.  * Trip insurance can be affordably purchased for as little as $25 for $18,000 coverage for 30 days of travel and more for extended trips. Some policies cover "Trip Cancellation" for a variety of reasons other than medical.  

Compare companies easily  AT:


Question ?  Contact us.

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