Join us in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia !

Sunday, May 15 - Saturday May 27, 2022

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Pipestem Natn'l Park
Pipestem Natn'l Park

The Appalachian South Folklife Center is in Pipestem, West Virginia. It is a peaceful place that welcomes all people to celebrate creativity and community. The Center celebrated 50 years of service in 2015 and their unique focus has always been on education, teaching compassion for all cultures of the world and starting locally.

Located on a beautiful 60 acre site with 9 buildings including a dining hall, 3 dormitories, a chapel, a library, tool shed, director's house and barn. In addition, the center features a sizable stage in a natural amphitheater, and a picnic shelter.

Surrounded by mountains and primitive woodland trails. Accommodations are included in the TUITION. More on that can be found by scrolling down to the TUTION section.

Mantra Cora and Prof. Phil speak 6 minutes on the Seminar Experience,
Creative Process, Art and Life
Interview with visiting artist Billy Morgan of the The Pigment Sanctuary. July, 2021 at the Summer Mischtechnik Painting Retreat, White Lotus Eco Spa, Stanardsville, Virginia




The Mixed Technique paintings produced some 600 years ago are among the best preserved and most luminous in the history of art. Their durability is unsurpassed. The intensity of color that this technique achieves is unmatched by any other techniques in all of the centuries that have followed. The ‘light’ in the under- paintings result in an internal emanation beaming through the glazes of oil color. Examples of underpainting are found here (left and right)  by our students, Jose Sola Tur (Psynunnaki) from Ibiza, and the American painter, Madeline Von Foerster.


About the Course:  

In a methodical, step-by-step process, Prof Phil and Mantra will guide each student in learning a 'Fa Presto" (do it quickly) fast and practical version of  the Mischtechnik (Mixed Technique), tailored to match each individual artist's intention. For the beginning or advanced, this Fast-drying version of Mischtechnik oil painting will be demonstrated from the initial drawing to the final glazes.


Lectures by Prof. Phil and Mantra will cover the basic fundamentals of Mischtechnik Principals based on the Flemish Renaissance approach as used by Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin. Hand-outs on the vernacular, history, formulas and recipes will be distributed. A Historical survey on the materials and procedures in the technique will be given by Prof Phil on the lineage and works of the Old Misch Masters and selected contemporary proponents of Visionary and Fantastic Art who also employ this magical approach to building an image. Using ink, acrylics, commercial and home-made mediums, emulsions, casein and/or egg tempera and oil, this approach will serve a broad spectrum of artistic aims, building a convincing painting inspired by either the inner, or outer worlds, and borne of a numinous inspiration.  As an option, we may also experiment with various abstract grounds (decalcomania) in the tradition of Max Ernst, and demonstrated by Mantra Cora, creating the ground for a spontaneous approach at  the very beginning stage of painting.  In summary, a highly individualized instruction, ranging from indirect to direct methods of painting  will be offered, supporting each participant's individual direction and visual language.  All this is offered in an atmosphere and  creative community that is  inspiring and magically provides  a serendipitous and alchemical process in painting. This is especially true when we keep the number of participants low, so that individualized attention is assured.




Facilities, Studio & Accommodations
For more detailed descriptions of the property, facilities and dorms at ASCF go to:

For those that wish to fund their own housing nearby, you can try airbnb, vacation rentals, Expedia.com et.al.


*Regular Tuition On-site INCLUDES Dormitory Bunk-bed Style Accommodations, Kitchen, Bathrooms  * Non-residential rates denote securing one's own accommodation off-site * Access to Kitchen and bathrooms

All Prices are in US dollars. Tuition DOES NOT COVER transportation or meals.


Thank you

For those who want to stay on site and enjoy 24 hr; studio space and the 60 acre property, picnic areas, chapel and so forth: there are 3 dormitories we will be using. Each building is furnished with bunk-bed accommodations. Dormitories will be divided between Building One -All Male, Building Two - All Female, and Building Three reserved for Couples. Off-site tuition is a little cheaper but the registrant must find and secure their own lodging, which may be be challenging in this beautiful rural area of West Virginia.. Camping is also a possibility at the Non-residential rate.



Early Bird Rate for the First 7 People that Register ! 

ENDS February 10, 2022


INSTEAD OF $1,290 WITH DORMITORY, OR $1,190 Non-residential 

Save $150.00

​$1,140  with Dormitory or $1,040  Non-residential 



The clock is ticking. Spaces left:



Offer ENDS when the first 7 are registered, or by JANUARY 27, 2022, which ever comes 

QUESTIONS?   Write Prof. Phil at eyepaint4u@yahoo.com, or Mantra Cora at mantracora@yahoo.com


REGISTRATION:  Payment is made in US Dollars. YOUR REGISTRATION FOR THE SEMINAR is a Non-Refundable FEE  that serves to RESERVE your place in the seminar. There are no refunds on the deposit.  No refunds on any payments after the deposit. SEE FULL CANCELLATION POLICY BELOW  


Returning Artist

Residential Rate:

Paying in Full BEFORE

March 31, 2022:  

$1,290  with Dormitory or  

$1,190  Non-residential                           

First Year Artist Rate:

Paying in Full BEFORE

March 31, 2022:

$1,390 with Dormitory or

$1,290 Non-residential                                            

Payment Plan for Resident Artists:

Paying in Full BEFORE

April 1, 2022:

$1,475 with Dormitory or

$1, 575 Non-residential                                            


* Accomodations in one of the designated buildings for Male and Female housing bunk-beds in dormitory style.

* Teaching 5 days per week, minimum of 6 hours per day

* Classes are held at minimum: 9:30 - 12:30 and 2:30 - 5:30, Mon - Fri. but sometimes will run longer.

* The studio is open 24/7 for working.

* For the painting seminar, we will provide materials like ingredients for the medium, varnishes, brush cleaners,    oils, turpentine, sicatives, containers and  clean up materials like soap and paper towels.


* All prices are per person

* Prices are in US dollars. 

* For other currencies (dollars, pounds, ETC.), the current conversion rate will be used at the time payment IS      RECEIVED BY OMNV. This will be  calculated automatically through PayPal or credit card agencies. For bank    transfers, direct deposits, checks, we will use the current rate listed at xe.com

* Payment may be made  through  PayPal. For the deposit or Full Payment, use the LINK FOR Paypal.  Bank    Fees will apply. Please be sure to add any Paypal Fees to your payment as denoted on the Paypal site.  If  you wish to do a Bank Wire Transfer, or another form of payment other than PayPal please contactMantra at mantracora@yahoo.com, to Prof  Phil at:   eyepaint4u@yahoo.com

* The tuition and/or deposit is refundable until January 30, 2022, after that our Cancellation Policy is enforced.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the seminar.
* Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver   on the participants' part regarding injuries or illnesses sustained during the seminar and OMNV cannot be held responsible..
* In the unlikely event of the seminar's cancellation, all payments will be refunded IN FULL.  - SEE CANCELLATION POLICY,




Should a workshop be cancelled by us for any reason, payment will be refunded in full to all participants. All PAYMENTS in this case, are refundable. If the seminar is not canceled by our actions, but by the student,  a Substitution Policy is in effect.  In the event of a Natural Disaster or Forces of Nature, War, Pandemic, interference by a Government, or other Forces out of our control and OMNV is directly effected and shutdown,  understand that "we are not the cause of it, nor did  "we cancel".  REVISED FOR ALL THOSE WHO PRE-REGISTERED FOR GREECE 2019 OR 2020: We will, however, under such circumstances, grant a CREDIT equal to what you have paid for a term of one year toward another seminar of equivalent cost and length of time (to expire June 14, 2023). REVISED ON JANUARY 24, 2021: Due to the unpredictability of the Covid Situation and its long-reaching effect on intercontinental travel; The CREDIT is now good "indefinitely" if cancellation is due to the pandemic itself,  and can be applied to any seminar that occurs in Greece, the USA, Europe, Australia or anywhere on the planet.

The Substitution Policy

Money can be refunded only by a substitute provided by the canceling-student. If the student cancelling received any discount, special rate, or other consideration outside of the REGULAR TUITION RATE, the person replacing the one who canceled will have to pay any difference to OMNV in fees up to meeting the REGULAR TUITION RATE.   With your deposit/registration you are committing to attend the seminar. If for some reason something unforeseen happens and you are unable to attend the seminar, you may qualify for a CREDIT depending on the circumstances preventing your attendance. A CREDIT is good for one year from the last  day of the current seminar or workshop that was missed to the first day of the following seminar one year later (or more in certain circumstances). The credit is ONE to ONE. Meaning, if you could not attend a 4 week seminar, did not get a substitute to attend  in your place, and asked for a CREDIT, if granted, that credit is good for any event, workshop or seminar up to the value of the credit for one year. No monetary or credit - refund  is issued for the cost difference between workshops. (EX. If a seminar cost $1,500 and the CREDIT is applied to  a workshop that has a tuition of $600,  the difference of $900 is not refunded. The CREDIT IS NOT applicable to multiple workshops that add up to the tuition originally paid. We have had people still wanting to apply a credit given 4 and even 6 years ago and we simply cannot do this any longer.  If you are unable to attend  we invite you to provide a student to replace you. Your refund comes directly from that replacement who pays you for your slot. If there is still a balance due that must be made by the substitute as well, or the original attendee to OMNV.  Please inform us with the name and the contact information for the substitute.



IN ORDER TO AVOID loss of DEPOSIT, or FULL PAYMENT LOSS on Tuition, Airfare, Medical Emergency, it is STRONGLY ADVISED THAT PARTICIPANTS PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE AT the  TIME they make their WORKSHOP DEPOSIT or FULL PAYMENT . HEALTH INSURANCE WHILE ABROAD IS ALSO HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. We have had, on rare occasions, a student that required hospitalization and without travel/health insurance the bill could be rather stressful.


Travel Insurance to cover tour and flight cancellation, baggage loss and any medical cost incurred, is the responsibility of each participant, and we encourage you to purchase it at the time of sending in the deposit. DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, or medical conditions that may arise during the seminar dates, nor can we reimburse people that cancel due to unexpected events.  * Trip insurance can be affordably purchased for as little as $150 for coverage of one person. For example, coverage can include:

Trip Cancellation $5,000  (100% of trip cost)

Trip Interruption $5,000  (100% of trip cost)

Medical Evacuation $100,000 per person

Emergency Medical $25,000 per person ($0 deductible)

Baggage Loss $750 per person

Flight Accident $25,000 per person

Accidental Death $10,000 per person

Compare plans easily  AT:


Questions ?  Contact us.

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