The Ultimate Artist’s Odyssey: 

2-Week Painting Retreat in Greece

JULY 13 -26, 2022

Prof. Phil Rubinov Jacobson

& Mantra Cora

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'Fa Presto Mischtechnik at the  Speed of Light'

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"No experience is necessary. You have all that you need."

- Prof. Phil

Plan a journey of study that refines your skills, gives you a Quantum Leap in your artwork and, in addition, leaves time for you to extend your trip even further to explore the mysteries and beauty of the mainland and the stunning islands that kiss the coast. You absolutely do not have to be a skilled artist or painter. With the personal guidance of Prof. Phil and Mantra Cora, you can discover your hidden talents or as a more experienced artist, learn deeper tricks of the trade and secrets of the masters. You will learn methods and techniques which give you results that you will be more than surprised about; many would say “life-changing”.

From the turquoise Aegean and Mediterranean Seas to all the olives and feta you can eat (ooooh the feta), now this is a little slice of paradise. Art and islands, the best of both worlds; 14 days of Painting and spend some days, or a week, or more, island hopping or seeing archeological sites in Athens and Delphi and ancient monasteries in Meteora, the jaw-dropping caldera views in Santorini, beautiful islands like Hydra, and those famous windmills and the boisterous nightlife (should you choose to take part) in Mykonas. Variety is the spice of life, especially on a trip to Greece.

About the Course  

In a methodical, step-by-step process, Prof Phil and Mantra will guide each student in learning a 'Fa Presto" (do it quickly) fast and practical version of  the Mischtechnik (Mixed Technique), tailored to match each individual artist's intention. For the beginning or advanced, this Fast-drying version of Mischtechnik oil painting will be demonstrated from the initial drawing to the final glazes. 


Lectures by Prof. Phil and Mantra will cover the basic fundamentals of Mischtechnik Principals based on the Flemish Renaissance approach as used by Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin. Hand-outs on the vernacular used, history, formulas and recipes will be distributed. A Historical survey on the materials and procedures in the technique will be given by Prof Phil on the lineage and works of the Old Misch Masters and selected contemporary proponents of the Visionary and Fantastic Art movements and the artists who employ this magical approach to building an image. 


Using ink, acrylics, commercial and home-made mediums, emulsions, casein and/or egg tempera and oil, this approach will serve a broad spectrum of artistic aims, building a convincing painting inspired by either the inner, or outer worlds, and borne of a numinous inspiration.  As an option, we may also experiment with various abstract grounds (decalcomania) in the tradition of Max Ernst, and demonstrated by Mantra Cora, creating the ground for a spontaneous approach at  the very beginning stage of painting.  In summary, a highly individualized instruction, ranging from indirect to direct methods of painting  will be offered, supporting each participant's individual direction and visual language.  All this is offered in an atmosphere and  creative community that is  inspiring and magically provides  a serendipitous and alchemical process in painting. This is especially true when we keep the number of participants low, so that individualized attention is assured.

What is Grisaille, Brunaille and Glazing ?

An underpainting is the initial compositional layers of paint applied to the canvas or surface prior to the full range of colors. This can be in the form of a loose sketch to a complete tonal rendering of the intended artwork. A Grisaille is simply an underpainting completed in a monochromatic grey scale, although many masters of old and today prefer the warmer tones of a (Brunaille - browns) sepia or raw umber. Some use both grey and brown. Van Eyck, Robert Campin and my teacher and mentor, Ernst Fuchs added the magical use of an egg tempera white, or a casein to create jewel like effects and magnificent images of radiant light. Transparencies become child’s play in a mixed technique such as this. Fuchs did not paint in Grisaille but employed a monochromatic underpainting in gradations of white, usually on an English Red ground.  In this course we will take the best examples from Van Eyck, Fuchs and myself to rapidly achieve form, color and illumination.

We will proceed from the Grisaille and completing the underpainting we will begin both glazing in oil and hi-lighting with water based white to achieve the jewel like quality and magical radiance of the masters of vision. More specifically, applying transparent color over are monochromatic underpainting in thin layers, or glazes. Having achieved our values in the grisaille, then glazing the final colors over that by adding in a super fast drying medium and thinner will allow us to paint at "the Speed of Light".

All Artists

Tuition for this workshop is cheaper than most any painting seminar found in Europe, anywhere. However, the registrant must find and secure their own lodging.  'Mia's Place' has opened her property for camping at 5 Euro a day.



All Prices are in US dollars. Tuition DOES NOT COVER accommodations, transportation or meals.


Thank you


Tuition does not include transportation, accommodation or meals.

Camping on-site is available at 5 Euro per day, and there are many places to stay within walking distance


* Teaching 5 days per week, minimum of 6 hours per day

* Classes are held at minimum: 9:30 - 12:30 and 2:30 - 5:30, Mon - Fri. but sometimes will run longer. 

* The studio is open 24/7 for working.

* For the painting seminar, we will provide materials like ingredients for the medium, varnishes, brush cleaners,    oils, turpentine, sicatives, containers and  clean up materials like soap and paper towels.


* All prices are per person

* Prices are in US dollars. 

* For other currencies (dollars, pounds, ETC.), the current conversion rate will be used at the time payment IS  RECEIVED BY OMNV. This will be  calculated automatically through PayPal or credit card agencies. For bank transfers, direct deposits, checks, we will use the current rate listed at

* Payment may be made  through  PayPal. For the deposit or Full Payment, use the LINK FOR Paypal.  Bank    Fees will apply. Please be sure to add any Paypal Fees to your payment as denoted on the Paypal site.  If  you wish to do a Bank Wire Transfer, or another form of payment other than PayPal please contactMantra at, to Prof  Phil at:

* The tuition and/or deposit is refundable until January 30, 2022, after that our Cancellation Policy is enforced.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the seminar.
* Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver   on the participants' part regarding injuries or illnesses sustained during the seminar and OMNV cannot be held responsible..
* In the unlikely event of the seminar's cancellation, all payments will be refunded IN FULL.  - SEE CANCELLATION POLICY,



Should a workshop be cancelled by us for any reason, payment will be refunded in full to all participants. All PAYMENTS in this case, are refundable. If the seminar is not canceled by our actions, but by the student,  a Substitution Policy is in effect.  In the event of a Natural Disaster or Forces of Nature, War, Pandemic, interference by a Government, or other Forces out of our control and OMNV is directly effected and shutdown,  understand that "we are not the cause of it, nor did  "we cancel".  REVISED FOR ALL THOSE WHO PRE-REGISTERED FOR GREECE 2019 OR 2020: We will, however, under such circumstances, grant a CREDIT equal to what you have paid for a term of one year toward another seminar of equivalent cost and length of time (to expire June 14, 2023). REVISED ON JANUARY 24, 2021: Due to the unpredictability of the Covid Situation and its long-reaching effect on intercontinental travel; The CREDIT is now good "indefinitely" if cancellation is due to the pandemic itself,  and can be applied to any seminar that occurs in Greece, the USA, Europe, Australia or anywhere on the planet.

The Substitution Policy

Money can be refunded only by a substitute provided by the canceling-student. If the student cancelling received any discount, special rate, or other consideration outside of the REGULAR TUITION RATE, the person replacing the one who canceled will have to pay any difference to OMNV in fees up to meeting the REGULAR TUITION RATE.   With your deposit/registration you are committing to attend the seminar. If for some reason something unforeseen happens and you are unable to attend the seminar, you may qualify for a CREDIT depending on the circumstances preventing your attendance. A CREDIT is good for one year from the last  day of the current seminar or workshop that was missed to the first day of the following seminar one year later (or more in certain circumstances). The credit is ONE to ONE. Meaning, if you could not attend a 4 week seminar, did not get a substitute to attend  in your place, and asked for a CREDIT, if granted, that credit is good for any event, workshop or seminar up to the value of the credit for one year. No monetary or credit - refund  is issued for the cost difference between workshops. (EX. If a seminar cost $1,500 and the CREDIT is applied to  a workshop that has a tuition of $600,  the difference of $900 is not refunded. The CREDIT IS NOT applicable to multiple workshops that add up to the tuition originally paid. We have had people still wanting to apply a credit given 4 and even 6 years ago and we simply cannot do this any longer.  If you are unable to attend  we invite you to provide a student to replace you. Your refund comes directly from that replacement who pays you for your slot. If there is still a balance due that must be made by the substitute as well, or the original attendee to OMNV.  Please inform us with the name and the contact information for the substitute.



IN ORDER TO AVOID loss of DEPOSIT, or FULL PAYMENT LOSS on Tuition, Airfare, Medical Emergency, it is STRONGLY ADVISED THAT PARTICIPANTS PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE AT the  TIME they make their WORKSHOP DEPOSIT or FULL PAYMENT . HEALTH INSURANCE WHILE ABROAD IS ALSO HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. We have had, on rare occasions, a student that required hospitalization and without travel/health insurance the bill could be rather stressful. Go this LINK to review the 10 Best Travel Insurance companies and their options and rates: pd=true&keyword=travel%20insurance&gca_campaignid=276763914&gca_adgroupid=1212761413670741&gca_matchtype=e&gca_network=o&gca_device=c&gca_adposition=&gca_loc_interest_ms=&gca_loc_physical_ms=89143&msclkid=133d78ab6fca156990f11ab8dab078e3



Mantra and I often turn to Skyscanner and Google Flights and almost always find the cheapest possible flights on one of those sites. The option to watch prices and get email notifications are top notch and one of my favorite features of the two. Always check budget airlines that may not be listed, especially if you are coming from other areas in Europe with much shorter flight times. A great list of budget airlines can be found here.

In summer the waters are at their warmest (so plan some time for swimming), nightlife really kicks off this time of year, and everything will be open and ready for business. Take tons of sunscreen and a hat, understand you’ll be sweaty more than half the time, and you’ll be good to go. Most international flights arrive in Athens, although you may have difficulty finding non-stop flights to Greece if you’re coming from the States. If you’d like, you can take advantage of this by extending your layover and checking out another country! Just depends on your preferences – and how deep your pockets go, but just know that once you get to Europe, it’s fairly inexpensive (within reason) to get around to neighboring countries. If you are not landing in Athens and heading to Europe first, check out low-cost airlines like Aegean and EasyJet in order to make it to Greece (but be sure to take into account those annoying bag fees before making your ultimate decision on a budget airline).


We recommend using a currency converter (such as XE Currency on your cell phone or a currency converter such as on the web) to get the most up to date currency exchanges for all forms of currency. Note that Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards in Greece, and be aware that American Express may in fact get rejected at most places. If you’re planning to visit towns in the countryside (and not on the typical tourist track), you’ll want to keep some cash on you at all times. How to get the best exchange rate: Mantra and I always suggest you take out local currency at ATMS upon arrival and never ever through an exchange desk or beforehand in your home country. ATMs provide the best exchange rate, always. I always take out cash at an ATM at the airport upon arrival in the new country I’m visiting and in the native currency.


Do your best at not flushing toilet paper in Greece. The sewage system is very narrow in diameter, and the pipes tend to get clogged quite easily. So where should you dispose of your toilet paper?  The garbage bin located next to the toilet. 🙂 Greece is a relatively safe country, but in more recent years, there’s been more reports of cars broken into, pickpockets, purse snatchings, etc. If you leave things of value in the car, be sure they are out of sight of passers-by. Use normal precautions and common sense to keep yourself and your family/friends safe. Always keep your valuables at your side, don’t leave cameras, phones, or other expensive gear visible, and don’t leave any precious belongings unattended at the beach. We always recommend purchasing travel insurance before your trip. You never know what might happen (flight delays, lost baggage, illness), and travel insurance definitely helps with all of those unpredictable events that can occur in travel and life. 

We highly recommend the company World Nomads and always buy a short term plan (depending on how many weeks we’ll be away) before we leave for any trip! Even if you don’t end up using it, peace of mind is 100% worth it. Find plan options and pricing here (and at only a few bucks a day, there’s no excuse not to!) In a certain way, if you cannot afford travel insurance, you can’t afford your trip. It’s that simple.



The Athens Gate Hotel is located in the center of the city, opposite the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and offers panoramic views from its rooftop restaurant. The breakfast spread overlooking the Acropolis in the distance was the perfect way to start each morning in Athens. 

If you’re looking for an upscale hotel with Acropolis views (that won’t break the bank at around $90 a night for two, off season and $150 a night in high season). For much less, like $50 - $80 one can get a 2 room suite or whole apartment for $80 a night, like at the Ambrosia Suites and Apartments. Personally, I find that the hotels under $50 a night for two in high season, are really fine. Like the Ares Athens Hotel at $46 a night for 3 people. You can also check out the many  Hostels here.  For a really fine ''upscale" hostel at little more than $25 a night per person, or rooms accommodating up to 6 people check out the Nubian Hostel Athens.  Personally speaking, Mantra and I sometimes gravitate toward securing a VRBO, for example: Apartment, 689 sq. ft, 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, Sleeps 4, 1 bathroom, 1 full bath, Kitchen, Living Room, Deck/Patio for $56 a night for two.

The thing is not to wait too long and to book way ahead. Many hotels, VRBOs and the like, have  free cancellation and no prepayment.

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