23rd Annual Painting Seminar in Austria


Limited to 14


3 - week Painting Retreat 

With Philip Rubinov Jacobson

August 5 - 23, 2019

Mountains, hills, meadows, woods, as if from a fairy tale landscape. And  at the highest peak - looms the mighty Rax before you.  Every artist, at least once in their life, not only deserves knowledge from  a recognized master painter, but also to work in surroundings of Nature so beautiful it cannot be put into words, but easily inspires painting. When such inspiration translates to a full day of joyous discipline and work in the studio, following up with alpine rejuvenation and relaxation is a fabulous option.  

Wellness-Seminarhotel Raxalpenhof



Preinrotte 9, A-2651 Reichenau ad Rax, Austria

The "Raxalpenhof" Vitalquelle" wellness spa resort pampers you with a whirlpool, sauna, an indoor - outdoor bathing pavilion with a sunbathing area and sun terrace. Of course there is the ever-present opportunity to hike in the alps, take the lift up to the top of the Rax, ride bikes, explore the natural wonders.

Photos of the Raxalpenhof & Kaiserhof in Prein, Austria

   Optional Week-End Excursions into Vienna & Other Points of Interest


Zip into Vienna on the weekend for museums, music, the international cuisine and an all encompassing culture that abounds



The Mixed Technique paintings produced nearly 600 years ago are among the best preserved and most luminous in the history of art. Their durability is unsurpassed. The intensity of color that this technique achieves is unmatched by any other techniques in the centuries that follow. The ‘light’ in these paintings seems to be an internal emanation. Place a Mixed Technique painting in a darkened room side by side with a typical Alla Prima oil painting and the latter goes dark, while the Mixed Technique continues to glow. 

Photo by De Es Schwertberger

at his studio, Vienna.

About the Course:  In a methodical, step-by-step process, Prof Phil will guide each student in learning a fast and practical version of  Mischtechnik (mixed technique) that is tailored to match each individual artist. For all artists, beginning or advanced, a fast and flowing approach will be offered from the initial sketch to the final glazes. Using a Super Fast-drying version of  Mischtechnik oil painting, first year students will learn the basic fundamentals of Mischtechnik Principals based on the Flemish Renaissance approach as used by Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin. Materials and procedures in the technique will vary according to the student's experience, inclinations and level of ability. Using ink, acrylic, commercial and home-made mediums, driers, casein/or egg tempera and oil, this approach will serve a broad spectrum of artistic aims, building a convincing image inspired by either the inner or outer worlds and borne of nature's numinous inspiration.  Advanced students may learn the use of faster and slower mediums and when their application is called for. As an option, we may also experiment with various abstract grounds, like decalcomania, allowing for a spontaneous approach from  the very beginning stages of painting.  In summary, a highly individualized instruction, ranging from indirect to direct methods of painting  will be available, supporting each participant's individual direction and visual language.  All this is offered in an atmosphere and  creative community that is  inspiring and magically provides  a serendipitous and alchemical process in painting. This is especially true when we cap the experience at only 14 participants, or less, so that individualized attention is assured.




* When Prof  Phil coined the term 'Visionary Tribe' decades ago, he did not expect such a global and even commercial expansion of artists to  occur. In the late 60's, early 70s, you could count how many skilled mischtechnik painters there were on your two hands, now there are thousands all over the planet. Prof Phil played no small part in that seeding of the movement through his teaching, networking., organizing exhibitions and publishing articles and books. The seminars he and Mantra  offer bring it all back to  village life where inspiration, a shared knowledge of the masters, connection and support are fostered in Creative Community. They create Painting Retreats in exotic places and sacred spaces.  It is a time for serious – play.  Enjoying great food, friends and feeling part of a creative-family-community and tribe. It is a time to take our unique  energy and combine creative rest and play. When your mind is turned 'off', it allows you to open up to new avenues of inspiration,  and makes creative rest a springboard for a whole new flow of ideas and personal insights.  By mixing rest and  rejuvenation, creative inspiration and action becomes dynamic and we discover energies of invention and revelation that we did not know we even had. This is serious - play, but also a transmission of the sacred knowledge of the art. Prof. Phil will share the knowledge he  gained from his mentor and friend of over 45 years, Prof Ernst Fuchs. and share many innovative variations of Mischtechnik attuned to the level of each individual in the course.

* Paint in the surroundings of Nature so beautiful it cannot be put into words, but easily inspires painting. When such inspiration translates to a full day (and sometimes night) of joyous discipline, profound guidance and work in the studio, quantum leaps in your painting can and do happen

* Meeting fellow artists in a creative environment; studying, sharing experiences and cultural activity together

* Enjoying meals, conversation and sharing visions together.

* 97.5 + hours of instruction in Mischtechnik  with innovations from Prof. Phil.

* A genuine master teacher providing a real transmission via intensive, compassionate and individualized instruction.  Respectful teaching of a knowledge tailored to each individual's style and/or unique visual language. 


* The teacher does not advocate one  style  over another, be it visionary, fantastic, classical, abstract or otherwise; however,  the students'    personal direction and originality are encouraged


* Visiting artists offer feedback, discussion and inspiration at the seminar and at their ateliers


* Fostering creative courage


* Enhancing observation and an intuitive - higher vision. 

* Optional visits on weekends into Vienna, or maybe explore Budapest, Prague or Salzburg on your own or with a friend over the weekend.


* Painting Classes are held   9:30 – 1:00 and 2:30 – 5:30, Mon – Fri  with Open Studio Hours 24/7 all week and on weekends



For  detailed information on making a Direct Deposit or Bank Wire Transfer to our account at Bank Of America, Contact us at: eyepaint4u@yahoo.com

* Payment may also be made  through  PayPal. For the Deposit or Full Payment, use the LINK  Paypal furnished below.  Bank Fees will apply. Please be sure to add any Paypal Fees to your payment as denoted on the Paypal site.


EARLY bird rate for ALL Artists Paying in Full BEFORE:                 

APRIL 3, 2019:  CLICK the BUTTON to the RIGHT >                                  € 1,175       


TUITION RATE for Returning Artists - 

Paying in Full AFTER APRIL 3, 2019:

 CLICK the BUTTON to the RIGHT >                                                           € 1,275                                            


TUITION RATE for First Year Artists - 

Paying in Full AFTER APRIL 3, 2019:

 CLICK the BUTTON to the RIGHT >                                                             € 1,375                                            

Payment Plan for ALL ARTISTS:


€ 1,475:                             

Balance Due of € 975 on, or before APRIL 3 2019




REGISTRATION:  Payment is made in Euros. YOUR REGISTRATION FOR THE SEMINAR is a Non-Refundable FEE  that servesto RESERVE your place in the seminarThere are no refunds on the deposit or on any payments made on TUITION.




* Teaching 5 days per week, minimum of 6 - 7 hours per day

* Classes are held 9:30 - 12:30  (or 9:30 - 1:00) and 2:30 - 5:30,  Mon - Fri.

* For the painting seminar, we will provide materials like ingredients for the painting medium, varnishes, brush cleaners, oils, turpentine  sicatives, oleo resins, containers and clean up materials like soap and paper towels.
* Students must provide their own oil colors, brushes, palettes, rags, a travel or table easel, a few bottles and jars.  A Required Materials List will be distributed after registration.



* All prices are per person.

* Prices are in EUROS. 

* For other currencies (dollars, pounds), the current conversion rate will be used at the time of payment. We use xe.com for exchange rates. Paypal will automatially convert money rates. This will be  calculated automatically through either PayPal or credit card agencies. For bank transfers, we will use the current rate listed at xe.com.
* Payment may be made  through  PayPal. For the deposit or Full Payment, use the LINK FOR Paypal.  Bank Fees will apply. Please be sure to add any Paypal Fees to your payment as denoted on the Paypal site.  If you wish to do a Bank Wire Transfer please contact Prof Phil at: eyepaint4u@yahoo.com for transfer information.

* The tuition reservation deposit is non-refundable.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the seminar.
* Students are responsible for their own health insurance. We cannot take responsibility for your health and/or accidents. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver on the participants' part regarding any injuries or illnesses sustained during the seminar.

* In the unlikely event of the seminar's cancellation, all payments will be refunded.

Cancellation SUBSTITUTION Policy:


Should a workshop be cancelled by us for any reason, payment will be refunded in full to all participants. Deposits or Tuition payments are non-refundable. Upon registration, you are committing to participation.  No refunds and no exceptions, however , a substitution policy is in effect that everyone is eligible for in any event.

Substitution Policy:

After January 7, 2019, money can be refunded to the participant if his/her place is filled by a substitute provided by the canceling-student.  Our recruitment efforts do not apply. With your deposit or full payment, you are committing to attend the seminar. If for some reason something unforeseen happens and you are unable to attend the seminar, you may qualify for a refund under the aforementioned Substitution Policy. If you are unable to attend  we invite you to provide a substitute. If you send a substitute that registers at the full rate and length of time you registered for, you will be refunded in full up the amount you paid, any excess amount over the refund is retained by Old Masters-New Visions. Please inform us of the name and contact information of your substitute.



IN ORDER TO AVOID DEPOSIT or FULL PAYMENT LOSS, IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED THAT PARTICIPANTS PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE AT the  TIME they make their WORKSHOP DEPOSIT or FULL PAYMENT. In such an event, if you fail to secure a substitute for the course, you are protected from loss of tuition, airfare, travel reservations, and so on.


Travel Insurance to cover tour and flight cancellation, baggage loss and any medical cost incurred, is the responsibility of each participant, and we encourage you to purchase it at the time of sending in the deposit. DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, or medical conditions that may arise during the seminar dates, nor can we reimburse people that cancel their commitment to taking the seminar.  * Trip insurance can be affordably purchased for as little as $20 - $30 for up to $18,000 coverage for 30 days of travel and more for extended trips. Some policies cover "Trip Cancellation" for a variety of reasons other than medical.  

Research and Compare companies easily  AT (EXAMPLES):







in PREIN/Reichenau,  Austria
(We suggest you  arrive at least a day early, if not more, if jet-lag is a concern - And depart a day or two later than the last day of the seminar to paint to the end and give paintings more time to dry for travel.)



Contact ' FABI'

Preinrotte 9,
A-2651 Reichenau ad Rax
T: +43 2665 526
F: +43 2665 5263

The Raxalpenhof

The Kaiserhof

The TUITION RATES  for the Painting  Retreat are reserved for artists staying ON-SITE at the Raxalpenhof or Kaiserhoferhof hotel. There are 10 double rooms available (for single use) 'first come - first served' at the KaiserHof and Single Rooms are available at the Raxalpenhof. The owner-manager of the hotel offers the artists a special rate.  We will have these rooms for 18 nights. If you leave on an excursion from the hotel, you are still responsible for the nights you were absent. Artists who opt to stay OFF-SITE must pay an additional € 150. added on to their tuition fee.

Rooms at the Raxalpenhof :  

*Overnight stay in a cozy natural wood room INCLUDES:
*breakfast buffet 

" Raxalpen Vital Source"  Wellness  -Spa - Pool Area with    Finnish sauna, steam bath, bio sauna, Rose Quartz  sauna,  massage whirlpool, bathing pavilion with indoor/outdoor pool (as  of 07:00 - 21:00 clock) and heated outdoor pool (16:00 -  19:00 clock)

*bathrobe and slippers for your stay

Price per person/night in a single room,

68 Euro + Tourist Tax € 2.40 per person/per night


* Absent nights DO NOT need to be paid

10 Rooms at the Kaiserhof : 

*Overnight stay in a natural wood room INCLUDES 

*breakfast buffet 


€ 33 , Price-per person/per night 

In a double room for single use

plus Tourist Tax € 2.30  


Guest’s at the Kaiserhof, may use the “Raxalpen Vital Source"” Wellness-Spa-Pool Area at a:  

€ 40- flat fee for the 3 weeks



*Absent nights MUST be Paid


FOR RESERVATIONS CONTACT "Fabi" (whose fabulous!)  at:

Email: raxalpenhof@raxalpe.com

Tel: +43 (0) 2665 526

Fax: +43 (0) 2665 523 3

Web: www.raxalpenhof.at


Contact, Location & Directions

For the best way to us - by car, train, bus or bike, SEE:


Preinrotte 9, A-2651 Reichenau ad Rax, Austria

Questions ?  Contact us.

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