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Important Information for INVITED  ARTISTS participating in

A LEGACY OF LIGHT ~ Generations of Vision

Please check if your image(s) follow the specifications outlined on this "accepted artists" page of our website. The guidelines for the images are intentionally set by the CATALOGUE DESIGNER.  If the information/data and photos follow these specifications it will be included in the catalogue.  Your BIOS should be less than 4 sentences and written in English. Should any questions remain after going through all the guidelines here, please contact Mantra Cora at:

DEADLIINE :   MAY 30, 2016




Please send the JPEG. images which should be at 300 dpi  at  8 x 10 inches minimum at a good resolution for a full page reproduction.  We cannot say that each and every painting or artwork will be at full page, but nonetheless, this is the size required.  A photo of  yourself (THE ARTIST) will also be needed to accompany your brief biography. This jpeg can be somewhat smaller of course. The BIO PHOTO doesn't need to be full page size - but it should still be 300 dpi, that's what the printers want. 1000 px would be large enough (about 3 inches).







Each artist can submit 2 works for the one fee and  museums/galleries must submit a €27 euro fee per 'artist' to help defray the costs that Prof Phil & Mantra must cover for 2 months of INSURANCE for the work on exhibition; an Exhibition Manager; hired STAFF to monitor the show and sales for two months; production of a CATALOG, posters, invitations, music, entertainment, business meetings and travel, and  of course  ~ refreshments for the Vernissage and so on.  AND, there is a 0%  commission on sales; that is, no charges on any sales by individual artists.  Any donation from a sale is appreciated.


Art Agents, Art Collectors placing work for sale, Galleries and Museums must pay the €27 euro per artist submitted and a 10% commission on each  sale per piece. DEADLINE IS MAY  30, 2016.  If you have neglected to pay your participation fee, please do so today.  Non-payment will exclude you from participation.

PLEASE SEND as a simple rtf file in English.


Your Name, Address, Origin/Nationality, Email & Telephone number. Your BIO (Less than 4 sentences please), Data on your painting; TITLE, YEAR, MEDIA, SUPPORT: (Canvas, paper, panel, etc ) and SIZE.. Again: DO NOT SEND in any Word Files. Please include the price in EURO for your work, or NFS (not for sale), POR ( price on request), or Private Collection of  (Named or Anonymous) and Country. DEADLINE: MAY 30, 2016.


SIZE LIMITATIONS OF YOUR ART WORK: Approximately 90 x 60 cm or  (36 x 24 inches) , however a few exceptions may be made if specially requested and the exhibition space allows for it given the total number of works to be exhibited. Please make such a request  early  on; at least 2 weeks prior to the May 30, 2016 deadline for submission.


PREPARATION OF WORK:  Each artist  will be represented with  ONE SELECTED piece (excluding Ernst Fuchs and one or two others) of the 100 artists in this exhibition.


The 2-D work shall be hangable on arrival and (balanced) by one or two points with supporting wire verified too hold the weight of the piece being exhibited.


Works on paper must be framed under glass or plexi-glass for shipping. Work on panel, wood or on canvas do not  always require a frame and the sides and borders of the work may suit this purpose. In this event, the work should still be READY TO HANG via the appropriate wires and attachments in proportion to the size and weight of the art.




JULY 19, 2016


The deadline for shipping to Arthoff (arriving) is; no later than July 19,  2016  If the arrival of shipped work is after that date it may not be included in the exhibition and no refunds will be made on shipping costs. The artist is responsible for shipping to and from the exhibition, and selecting their own option for insurance coverage during transportation. Please arrange for RETURN shipping with our exhibition manager, in the event  a sale does not occur. No parties associated to the production of this exhibition, will be held responsible for any damage or loss of work during shipment or transportation by  any means.


SHIPPING TIP: We are not telling anyone HOW to ship their own work. I can only say that if you send your work as a ''GIFT''  at a  value less than €150 ($165) for insurance you will NOT HAVE TO PAY A DUTY TAX.  If you are attending the seminar, it is strongly advised that you bring your work by plane with you, as carry-on or as extra luggage (still be much cheaper than shipping). I would also take your painting back at the end of the seminar (should it not have sold at the exhibition). Also if you pack it yourself and have a shipping company that PICKS UP at your house ..DELIVERY- DOOR to DOOR, will also save you time, money and undo paperwork/customs. BUT., you are responsible for the choices you make in this...As long as your work is packed light and yet strong and protective, this has always worked for me. ~ Prof Phi

To be delivered to:

Legacy Exhibition Manager,

(Christoph Chris'' Wölflingseder, Arthoff Wölflingseder)

Telephone: +43 677 61455404
Arthoff, Speckbacherstraße 1, 
A-2673 Breitenstein. Austria
 (not Australia !)









Friday JULY 22.  2016 AT 5:00 PM


Wednesday, JULY 20  to Friday, JULY  22, 2016 AT 5:00 PM

Deliver from 10:00 AM  TO  12:00 PM  and  3:00 pm  TO 5:00 PM


Deliver to The Ernst Fuchs Academy
Payerbach, Austria

Just over the bridge  across from the PayerbacherHof Hotel - straight ahead and on the left side  of the street, across from the church. 

Hard to miss, but if lost: Inquire at:
Heinz Hubner and Staff
Address: Hauptstraße 2, 2650 Payerbach, Austria
Phone: +43 2666 52430



AT 7:00 P.M


Exhibition runs from July 27 - September 10, 2016

Wednesday ~ Sunday, 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Refreshments provided Courtesy of the City of  Gloggnitz

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